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How life can become double hot

  • Enjoy the little joys of life.
  • Work hard, make sure that you enjoy the process.
  • Make life what it is supposed to be – about living and not merely existing.
  • Make each day count.
  • Two books are better than one, two big dreams are better than one. Sometimes, more is indeed better.
  • Author Shobha de suggests living without agendas “Aspiration kill spontaneity. I try and free myself and my thoughts from the usual traps – envy, competitiveness, foolish longings. Instead, I focus my energies on the here and now.
  • Being aware of each moment for itself, for only when you live each moment fully do you recognize its value and beauty.
  • Don’t give away those small moments, it is the awareness of these that makes life special.
  • Embracing experiences and embracing diversity without judgment or reservation – to be able to identify oneself mentally with, and so understand a person or thing it is the only way to live more than once life and double one’s experience -simply enriches you.
  • Winning is indeed the most exciting thing.
  • I am not responsible for others.
  • People making their decisions by themselves, not giving it away for a guru to answer and decide for them.
  • It does not matter what you accumulate as material wealth, because you will die any/way so why not live? That’s when you realize that you can be brave and that is the first tenant of any spiritual quest take risks.
  • I am very greedy about life. I try to extract every ounce out of every micro-second of every waking hour.
    I have an insatiable appetite for all that is an office.
    I love the scorching pace of my existence. I would not want to slow down if at all, I would like to accelerate.
    I don’t like any speed breakers – they are a total nuisance
    My mind is in constant own – drive.

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